Ranking Data Sheet

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Ranking Data Sheet

Post  Raffael Lombardi on Mon Nov 21, 2011 10:33 pm

The new ranking system has been established this past Monday. Those of you wishing to know of the system, this data sheet will explain.

Novice: All those who join the Brotherhood shall start as a Novice. Novices will only be allowed the hidden blade as a weapon.

Recruit: Once a Novice has been trained and can survive a fight, they earn the rank of Recruit. You are given your Assassin robes, and a standard longsword. Recruits can go on missions.

Apprentice: Rank up from Recruit, acquires the shortblade/dagger, and the standard smoke bomb.

Soldier: Rank up from Apprentice, acquires the ability to carry throwing knives (only 5).

Disciple: Rank up from Soldier, acquires the ability to wear armor. The amount of armor was dependent on what was bought at the store.

Mercenary: Rank up from Disciple, the Mercenary gains the free-running ability.

Warrior: Rank up from Mercenary, acquires a larger knife belt, allowing 10 instead of 5 carried. Also gets a stronger sword.

Veteran: The Veteran acquires a better understanding in swordplay, allowing them to have their own personalized sword.

Assassin: Those who become full-fledged Assassins acquire their own personalized dagger, and are officialy apart of the order.

Assassin, Second Rank: Those who are directed to become Den Leaders acuire this rank, the first step on their way to Master Assassin.

Assassin, Third Rank: Rank up from Second Rank.

Assassin, Fourth Rank: Rank up from Third Rank.

Assassin, Fifth Rank: Rank up from Fourth Rank.

Master Assassin: The highest possible rank for an Assassin. Those who become Master Assassin's command their entire Assassin Den. They get their own personalized robes.

Grandmaster: The leader of the Assassin Order, only one can have this rank. They run everything, including the missions that Assassin Recruit are sent on. He only answers to the Mentor.

Mentor: Given to the most experienced and battle-hardened Assassins. The Mentor directs the Grandmaster, as well as trains the recruits. The Mentor also has the power to send Assassins on missions.

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